Criminals ‘gamble’ on Woodhaven homes this holiday season


The most shocking thing about the video is how casual the man is while committing a crime in broad daylight.

He is unhurried and unafraid, not at all concerned that he is quite visible as he walks onto someone else’s property and steals their belongings.

One of the reasons he seems so calm is that he’s probably done this dozens of times before. In this case we know for a fact that he’s done this before, as the same exact man has been caught on video stealing packages from the same exact house in Woodhaven twice in four days.

Some of these culprits follow delivery trucks around, waiting for them to leave packages for people who aren’t home. Others are simply opportunists, looking for unattended packages sitting on people’s porches.

He doesn’t care what’s inside the package, he’s a gambler. He might get nothing or he might strike gold, and the severity of the crime and the resulting punishment if he gets caught is based on the value of the items that he steals.

But this thief was caught pretty clearly on video, and we’re hoping that someone out there will recognize this brazen thief who so calmly and casually robbed a local family of their property twice this past week.

If they do, we hope they will call the 102nd Precinct at (718) 805-3207 and pass along enough information that will result in his apprehension and conviction.

For the full story, please visit Ed Wendell’s story on the Leader-Observer website.

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