Woodhaven’s Neir’s Tavern remains a local gem, 180 years later

Nestled on the corner of 78th St. in Woodhaven is Neir’s Tavern, a bar that has a rich history spanning over 180 years. They pride themselves as “the most famous bar you have never heard of”, but we bet you have heard of the many films shot on location. As Neir’s Tavern starts to prepare for their 180th anniversary, check out these movie stills, all shot in New York City’s oldest bar.

Robert DeNiro in Goodfellas which features scenes filmed in Neir’s.
Ben Stiller and Tea Leoni in Tower Heist.
The late Anthony Bourdain filmed an episode of Parts Unknown in the bar.

Wanna know more about Neir’s Tavern? Check out Ed Wendell’s recent article about the iconic bar on our website.

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