Schmidts Candy, a Woodhaven staple since 1925, is ready for Easter

Since 1925, Schmidts Candy has operated their family-run candy shop on Jamaica Avenue with handcrafted chocolates, hard candies and everything in between. Started by “Grandpa Schmidt”, the business has remained in the family through decades and is currently ran by Margie Schmidt, who has operated the business for 34 years. Although various family members have operated Schmidts Candy before Margie took over, the coveted recipes and quality ingredients have remained the same.

With Easter approaching, Schmidts Candy has all the Easter treats you need. If you’re making an Easter basket for the kids, craving an infamous chocolate bunny for yourself or have friends and family to gift, Schmidts Candy can fufill your needs. Current Easter goodies include hollow chocolate bunnies, solid chocolate bunnies, creme eggs, jelly beans and more. Check out some of the products below.

Hollow chocolate bunnies

Solid chocolate bunnies

Variety of creme-filled eggs

Easter assortment box

If you find yourself around Woodhaven, or if you find yourself craving delicious candies worth the commute, head over the shop located at 94-15 Jamaica Ave. Go to to shop online and find out more about Schmidts Candy.

If you want to know more about Margie, check out Ed Wendell’s article from 2014 on our website

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